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The magic of Heco cnc lathes
- 2019-12-06-

Heco cnc CNC lathe is a kind of lathe, which belongs to CNC lathe. At present, the automation of this kind of lathe is adapted to the needs of the development of the times. Let us take a look at it together.

This lathe automatically processes the machined part according to the machining program prepared in advance. We include the processing route of the part, process parameters, tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters, spindle speed, feed amount, back knife amount, etc., and auxiliary functions such as tool change, spindle forward rotation, reverse rotation, and cutting fluid opening. , Off, etc., according to the instruction code and program format specified by the CNC machine tool, write a processing program sheet, and then record the contents of this program sheet on the control medium such as perforated paper tape, magnetic tape, magnetic disk, magnetic bubble memory, and then enter the numerical control The CNC device of the machine tool, thus directing the machine tool to process parts.

It can make patterns on drawings and process molded parts. Unlike ordinary machine tools, ordinary machine tools are operated by workers, and CNC lathes require us to change the program that controls the movement of the machine tool to achieve the purpose of processing different parts. Therefore, CNC machine tools are particularly suitable for processing small batches and complex shapes that require high accuracy. Especially for industries such as aerospace and electronic technology that require high precision parts.

The emergence of CNC machine tools has injected new blood into our era of rapid development. At present, CNC machining is widely used in all fields of mechanical processing, and it is the development trend of mold processing and important and necessary technical means.

In fact, modern industry has long used computer digitally controlled machine tools for operations. CNC machine tools can automatically process any product and component directly according to a program prepared by a technician in advance. Traditional machining has been gradually replaced by numerical control.

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