CNC lathe

CNC lathe

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As a manufacturer of high-speed machining centers, we deeply understand the changing market today.

In the past ten years, with the rapid development of society, all walks of life have entered the rapid development of high-speed track, high efficiency, high quality, is the common goal of everyone.

Especially in our CNC lathe industry, this lathe is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tool. This machine tool has a wide range of processing technology capabilities. It can process linear cylinders, oblique cylinders, arcs, and various threads, slots, Complex parts such as worms.

Compared with traditional machine tool processing, CNC machine tools have high production efficiency and high precision. Traditional mechanical processing is performed by manual operation of ordinary machine tools. During processing, the machine tool is shaken by hand to cut metal, and the product is measured by eyes with calipers and other tools. Precision. At the same time, the final product still has a certain rate of failure, which is unavoidable.

Nowadays, all kinds of materials are in short supply. We all hope to make the best use of various resources and reduce waste. At the same time, manual production takes time and energy. These are at a disadvantage compared with automated machines.

Therefore, the emergence of CNC machine tools is inevitable and a product of this era.


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