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At present, there are many manufacturers in Zhejiang Processing Center . We often understand one thing, and we ca n’t understand it from the surface. For example, you may understand it as a centralized place for processing things.

In fact, the machining center is worthy of a CNC lathe. It is a machine capable of processing complex, precise, small batches, and multiple varieties. It is a digitally controlled machine tool. By installing a program control system to achieve automated production, this system can Logically process the program specified by the control code or other symbolic instructions, decode it, express it with coded numbers, and enter the numerical control device through the information carrier. After the arithmetic processing, various control signals are sent from the numerical control device to control the movement of the machine tool, and the parts are automatically processed according to the shape and size required by the drawing.

The processing method is fully automated, freeing people from heavy labor. The emergence of such automated machines has largely solved the time-consuming and labor-intensive phenomenon of manual production, and has high processing accuracy and can achieve high-efficiency production.


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